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Who we are

ARIN - Fostering connection and peer-learning amongst Researchers, Policymakers, and Practitioners who work in different fields and state and non-state organisations

The African Research and Impact Network (ARIN) is an impact platform that brings together a network of scholars and policymakers across Africa. Modeled as a network, ARIN seeks to leverage on the capabilities of African talented scholars in a flexible manner. ARIN’s core focus is to engage in peer learning and sharing good transformative research and impact practices. Areas of focus include natural resource management, climate change, agriculture, forestry, energy, water, and cities to leverage their knowledge and experiences in promoting research excellence and impact pathways.

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Latest Publications

Call for Applications: Assistant Communication and Administration Manager

Position: Assistant Communication and Administration Manager The ARIN is a network of over 200 researchers…

Adaptation Research in Africa: Progress and Gaps

Insights from the COP26 Africa-Led Consultative Workshops Adaptation to climate change is a fundamental intervention…

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Recent News & Blogs

How social sciences and modelling are informing COVID-19 policy responses across Africa

In response to the varied impacts of COVID-19 on social dynamics, economic systems, and health…

The impact of COVID-19 on mental health and mental health treatment in Africa

Currently, the world is experiencing a third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in an increase in infections and deaths. Moreover,…

Public confidence and COVID-19 vaccine acceptance in Africa

COVID-19 vaccination The COVID-19 pandemic has had clearly negative impacts on health and socio-economies worldwide.…

A collaboration to produce evidence-informed and context-specific science policy responses to COVID-19 in Africa

Why does Africa need a context-specific, evidence-based response to COVID-19? The severe acute respiratory disease…

Evidence-driven response to global challenges in Africa: Africa Research and Impact Network 2021 Conference

Author: Dr. Joanes Atela As the world reconfigures its efforts towards addressing the changing nature…

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