ARIN seeks to identify and leverage on key research talents to flexibly and innovatively contribute to Africa’s research transformation, policy analysis and capacity building.

ARIN, therefore provides a peer review platform where best research and impact practices from different African contexts, are shared, profiled, and leveraged to inform transformative policy action. Among the areas that ARIN has pioneered path-breaking research, are climate change, knowledge management, science technology, and innovation.

The network currently convenes research and policy platforms on climate action, drawing from the perspective of researchers on, adaptation, science, technology, and innovation status in Africa. Through the same approach, ARIN assesses opportunities for science-policy interface, through contextual projects on research commercialization, innovation, knowledge translation, and practice.

Share research trends

Develop models and best practices on pathways to research excellence and impact.

Policy reviews

Convene evidence and impact dialogues

Support knowledge systems

Support capacity of individuals and institutions on transformative research and impact pathways.

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ARIN works with a number of partners from government, non-government, private sector and social enterprise to create solutions to problems and jointly take advantage of opportunities for transformative development agenda.

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