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A Systems Approach To Air Pollution (ASAP)

ASAP brings together leading UK, Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia researchers in air pollution, urban planning, economic geography, public health, social sciences and development studies to provide a framework for improved air quality management in three East African cities: Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Kampala (Uganda) and Nairobi (Kenya). It seek to enhance local decision-making abilities to improve urban air quality, reduce the effects of air pollution on human health, and allow for sustainable development to proceed without further deterioration in air quality. Central to the project’s aims are strengthening research capabilities and technological expertise in East Africa, with local stakeholders and experts involved in the conception, implementation, and uptake of the programme and its outcomes.

Project outcomes;

A comprehensive urbanisation trends and their impact on air quality Developed a robust and cost appropriate approaches to monitoring air pollution A holistic evidence base on the causes, consequences and levels of air pollution Identify social, environmental, policy and management measures to tackle air pollution Understand the dynamic political economies of focus cities and how these influence urban governance and air quality management Raise awareness of air pollution problems and impact policy uptake

Upcoming events;

  • ASAP conference- August
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