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COVID-19 Lessons For Research And Policy

The aim of the project is to put together a collection of lessons and insights that Africa can draw from the COVID-19 to enable its critical sectors to be more resilient to future pandemics as well as taking advantage of emerging opportunities. The project also identifies some research, practice, and policy gaps that would need to be addressed in the realignment of priorities and actions. The project involves weekly and monthly dialogues bringing together researchers, policy makers. Dialogues draws from a variety of research and policy projects and initiatives across Africa that have engaged with the COVID-19 situation either through implementation or discussions.

The project’s main objectives are;

  • Evaluate various actions in response to COVID-19
  • Evaluate how the pandemic is interrupting various sectors
  • Analyse Lessons and opportunities for various sectors moving forward
  • Identify research and policy gaps for the post-pandemic recovery.

Thematic focus;

The theme of the book is on resilience building for key African Economic sectors drawing on lessons from COVID -19. Proposed book chapters include the following thematic areas. I know the book has a general focus on policy and research, i would imagine that we need to incorporate some aspects of business and practice – especially now that we will have economic implications. Nexus between research-practice-policy-business – comment from Joel- but perhaps this could be addressed in the introduction and synthesis sections

1. Understanding COVID-19 in the context of Africa – Regional perspectives

2. Resilient cities 3. Multi-hazard system thinking

4. Clean Energy

5. Resilient Agricultural Systems

6. Knowledge Systems

7. Non-state actors and resilience

8. Climate change action

9. Trade and materials

10. Science Technology and Innovation

11. Gender and Social Differentiation

Project outputs;

COVID- 19 Weekly News Briefs ( COVID 19- Blog Series ( COVID 19 Book ‘Africa in the Post- COVID World – Lessons for Research and Policy’’ (


ARIN November conference on Africa in the Africa Research and Impact Conference ‘Africa in the Post- COVID World – Lessons for Research and Policy’’ (’.

Monthly Reviews- (

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