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The Lake Region Economic Bloc (LREB) Counties Climate Change Planning And Developement For Climate Finance Access

The focus of the LICAP (LREB integrated Climate Action Plan) is founded on key principles around shared responsibilities especially the role of sub-national governments in climate action, learning and sharing of strategic actions as well as building on available and emerging opportunities. The objective of the project will be to provide policy and institutional support to the 14 LREB Counties; to jointly develop an evidence based LREB Integrated Climate Action Plan (LICAP); to co-design and develop bankable and fundable integrated regional climate change projects and programmes; to jointly implement regional mitigation and adaptation programmes and projects and to undertake jointly capacity building and technical support to the LREB counties.

Project outputs;

Workshop reports; Policy briefs; working paper and 2-3 research reports

Project Outcomes;

• Climate change research and innovations

• Green Energy Promotion (Solar, Energy saving Jikos, Biogas)

• Decreased deforestation and degradation Mini-hydro power stations development

• Improve livelihoods

• Degraded landscapes

• Reclamation Rehabilitation and Restoration Protection of riparian areas

• Increase water yield and water quality, Reduce surface run off Watershed management

• Economics of scale: Renewable (waste to energy) energy will lead to economic ventures Kisumu is ready to give land for a bloc recycling

• Climate smart Agriculture Sustainable agricultural practices

• Public sensitization and engagement in decision

• Capacity building Informed mass of policy makers

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