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Science Technology And Innovation (STI) Metrics

Developing contextual STI data at the continental level is key for effective decision making. In this context, the project, “Assessment of science, technology and innovation (ST&I) metrics in Africa” represents an exciting opportunity to use past and ongoing research to help governments, other policy makers, and donors make decision on future investment both in ST&I and in the collection of data to better measure and assess ST&I. The project aims to develop a scoreboard that can be used to measure performance of STI across African countries, in relation to their relevance for achieving societal goals.

Project outputs;

• An in-depth literature review providing a background on science, technology and innovation indicator frameworks applied in Africa and other contexts.

• A report on science, technology and innovation metrics in Africa

• A dashboard/scoreboard that is user friendly and easily accessible with a core set of comparable indicators (e.g. on Excel) that can manipulated as per the user’s preference e.g. with drop down options to sort by country, sector, level of investment etc.

• A set of stand-alone country briefs summarizing a scoreboard or dashboard of the key indicator performance for each country.

• An academic paper on the assessment of science, technology and innovation metrics in Africa.

Project outcomes;

Use/adoption of the dashboard developed by African stakeholders to inform policy processes and decisions Inform support for continuous research into new indicators for the African continent and beyond.

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