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This dialogue was held on 2nd September 2019 at Sportsview Hotel in Nairobi Kenya. University of Sussex (Science Policy Research Unit, SPRU), African Centre for Technology Studies (Africa Sustainability Hub) and the STEPS Centre (at SPRU and the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex) jointly organised the dialogue.

The aim of the dialogue was to discuss the findings for the Relational Pathways: Mapping Agency and Poverty Dynamics through Green Revolutions ( research project. The project involved field work in Kenya and India, documenting life histories with small farmers and rural workers on their experience of agrarian transformations through the green-revolution.

Attended by 40 participants including AU representatives, the dialogue facilitated sharing, learning, and generating insights that helped in better understanding and informing policy processes for promoting more effective pathways out of poverty that matter to small scale farmers and farm labourers.

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