Our aim is to create a transformational capability and forum on  population-based cohorts, bringing together a broad spectrum  of African scientists, policymakers, community contributors,  and other stakeholders throughout the formative phase to  co-create an evidence-based APCC and build enthusiasm  and support for its eventual implementation and long-term  sustenance.


The CE-APCC promotes multidisciplinary engagement and research that improves community health and well-being by harnessing Africa’s large population cohorts and diversity. Learn more

The collaborators are a multidisciplinary team that is gathering evidence and resources to develop an APCC. The team will explore ways to help create an APCC from many angles. Learn more

Research institutions abound in Africa to collaborate with stakeholders across the continent. They develop evidence-based solutions to enhance African healthcare. Learn more

The CE-APCC is assessing the status of existing consortia and collecting evidence-based and practice-informed resources to inform an Africa population cohort.