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Abrham Belay Mekonnen is a Fellow at ARIN. He is also an assistant professor at Hawassa University, Ethiopia. He studied Natural Resource Economics and Policy at MSc level and Forestry at BSc level from Hawassa University. He has conducted his research fellowship in Climate Impact Research Capacity and Leadership Enhancement (CIRCLE at International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), CGIAR Research Program on Climate change agriculture and food security (CCAFS), Kenya, and Nairobi. Abrham’s qualifications includes knowledge and experience of econometric analysis, ability to synthesize information from households and macroeconomic data, good report writing skills and ability work independently. Abrham has taken relevant short courses and participated in international conferences in different countries including Germany, Finland, China, South Africa, Ghana, Sudan and Kenya. His research interest encompasses the socio-economic aspect of natural resource management, agriculturally productivity and climate change and adaptation. He has authored and co-authored refereed journal articles.