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Brian Otieno Owuor is a Research Associate at ARIN. With a wealth of experience, he has consistently contributed to the successful execution of numerous projects, notably the groundbreaking 1st Inaugural Kenya Innovation Outlook 2022. Brian has remarkable technical acumen in resource mobilization through proposal development. His extensive expertise encompasses a diverse range of disciplines, including community engagement methodologies, data visualization, and evidence synthesis. Brian possesses an exceptional ability to employ these methodologies effectively, ensuring meaningful and impactful outcomes in various contexts.

Prior to joining ARIN, Brian excelled in the field of sustainability management, spearheading conservation and sustainable development initiatives for prominent international organizations across Kenya, Zambia, Italy, and the USA. He served as a junior researcher at the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, where he conducted a comprehensive review of Common Alerting Protocols in Zambia and played a pivotal role in examining and documenting references to humanitarian priorities in the IPCC Working Group II report.

Brian holds a master’s degree in Global Environmental Change from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, where he developed a profound understanding of the complex interplay between environmental dynamics and global systems. Additionally, he obtained an MBA in Green Energy and Sustainable Business from the esteemed Bologna Business School, solidifying his proficiency in driving sustainable practices within the corporate landscape.