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Dr. Felix Lombe is a Fellow at ARIN. He is also a Malawian Development Finance, Rural Development and Development Economics Expert by training and practice with over 16 years of progressive experience in Economic Systems, Market Access Development, Corporate Finance, Project Finance, Rural Development, Sustainable Development Planning, Social Development Planning, Social Research, Organizational Development, Institutions and Development, Advocacy as well as Community Development. He is the current CEO of African Institute of Corporate Citizenship (AICC), an NGO based in Malawi responsible for brokering multi-stakeholder partnerships in socio-economic sectors of Malawi. His experience relates to working with private, NGOs and public sector institutions.  He holds a PhD (Development Studies) and MPhil (Development Economics) from University of the Western Cape, M.Com (Finance) from University of Cape Town and BA (Public Administration) from University of Malawi. He is a Chartered Development Finance Analyst.