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Finney is a Research Associate at ARIN. He has an academic background in BA International Relations and Diplomacy, in which he highly excelled (First Class Hons). Finney supports ARIN with the implementation of four major projects: Mapping International Climate Initiatives in Africa, Urban Risk Forum, ARIN-Frankfurt Case Studies on NDC Financing, and Cooperative Survey Action Project. Finney has unique quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis skills. He is a community Risk Vulnerability Assessment (RVA) Champion and has experience in working with the informal settlements
and marginalized communities in Kenya. Finney has contributed in the development of the Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action (SEACAP) in Nakuru County through field research. He also contributed, through participation in events and by research, in the establishment of the African Non-state Climate Action Platform (ANSCA), an ideal pathway for fostering non-state climate action closing the visibility gap of non- and sub-state actors in Africa, and eventually catalyzing action to realize the Paris Agreement targets. Finney is passionate about diplomacy, transnational governance and
comparative politics. His hobbies are swimming and playing football.