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Dr. Muhammad Khalif is a Fellow at ARIN and a Water-Food-Climate Nexus Specialist. He is currently a research associate at institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics (ITT), Cologne, Germany, where he conducts research on natural resource management, especially the interlinkages between water, food energy and climate.

Previously he worked as a senior Geologist at ANSAN WIKFS (Sudan) Limited. He holds a PhD in Physical Geography from the Institute of Geography, University of Cologne and Master of Science (double degree) -from Institute for Technology and Resources Management  in  the  Tropics  and  Subtropics  (ITT), Cologne  University  of  Applied  Sciences,  Cologne, Germany and University of Jordan, Jordan and also Master of Science in Geosciences – Earth   and   Environmental   Sciences   Department Sana’a University, Yemen. His thematic focus  is on agriculture, climate mitigation, climate adaptation, land, renewable energy and water.