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Nora Ndege is a fellow at ARIN. She is also a research fellow at the African Center for Technology Studies. She is an interdisciplinary scholar with more than eight years’ experience in sustainable development research. She is competent in a broad array of issues around innovation (particularly agricultural innovations) and transformative knowledge systems that enhance the role of science and technology to address societal needs.

Nora’s career passion lies in innovative research and policy analysis that links multilevel policies to local resources and development realities – in a manner that creates sustainable development opportunities for the poor. Nora worked for the World Agroforestry Center working with local communities to implement agricultural and development projects.

She currently works at the African Center for Technology as a research fellow. Nora has accumulated relevant experience in research and empirical evaluation of programs. She currently leads in-country teams (East Africa) for the DFID-EARH funded study on Understanding knowledge systems in East Africa (Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania). She is also working on a World Bank-funded study that seeks to develop Science Technology and Innovation (ST&I) strategies for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and currently developing ST&I for SDG road maps for Kenya as well as assessing the ST&I performance mainly in the Agricultural and Manufacturing sectors. Nora holds a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Information and Commutation Management and a Bachelor’s Hons degree in Food Science and Technology from the University of Nairobi.