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Shelmith is a proficient software developer with 5 years of experience in design and development of web applications. She has been involved in various projects working with teams of different sizes to design, develop, test, and maintain software applications. She has also, in collaboration with a team, developed startup and innovation-oriented platforms such as the Nairobi Innovation Week, NIW.Startups, Africa Mobility Initiative, Bafunde & Bafunde Academy, National Innovation Awards and Mlika. She is currently a lead software developer and member of the Kenya Innovation Week secretariat and oversees a software development team at the Kenya National Innovation Agency. Apart from software development Shelmith has a passion for designing innovative solutions, for people, with people. To complement her User Experience Design, she has been involved in several Design Thinking and Problem-Based Learning projects as a fellow and later as a mentor and facilitator. These projects include the University of Nairobi Innovation Fellowship, PBL East Africa project, Sustainable Innovation Design course, and Making Innovators. In her experience as a mentor, for PBL East Africa and others, she has worked with multidisciplinary teams of local and international students to conduct research, collect data and come up with solutions to local social problems through PBL. She also oversaw the production and publication of the final reports for the teams. In addition she has led Design Thinking Sessions for groups of innovators such as the Africa Transformative Mobility Accelerator cohort.