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Tom Randa is a fellow at ARIN. He is an early career researcher with over three years of active research work in Africa. Highly determined and self-driven to see a positively transformed Africa, Randa has a special interest in climate change, water resource management, disaster risk reduction, green growth and sustainable development. Having completed a BSc. Meteorology and MSc. Climate Change from the University of Nairobi, Randa has practical skills and knowledge in climate modelling, hydrological modeling and extreme climatic event analysis for disaster risk management. Besides, Randa has a wealth of experience in both qualitative and quantitative research having worked with different organizations towards sustainable development.

Tom Randa is currently working on flood risk mapping, analysis and modelling at the tomorrow cities Nairobi Hub which seeks to develop a comprehensive multi hazard risk management framework for Nairobi. Randa also doubles up as the focal contact person for the hub in the Risk Nexus initiative where he spearheads the hub activities and engagements in the global platform to embed risk consideration in every development agenda. Randa has also been working on urban air quality research project in East Africa here where cities are considered as systems and thus a system approach to improve urban air pollution.

Randa has previously worked with the Institute of climate change adaptation, University of Nairobi, the Busara Center for Behavioral Economics, World Food Program, The Population Research Institute, Trans-African Hydrometeorology Organization, IMPACT-Trust Kenya among other Organizations. Being a member of the ARIN-ASH summer school, Randa aims to become a holistic transformational scientist and leader that the African continent needs.