ARIN, FCDO, and PwC Review Progress of Climate Adaptation Effectiveness Project in East Africa

~By Dr Humphrey Agevi ,  Florence Onyango

In a virtual meeting held on July 1st, 2024, the Africa Research and Impact Network (ARIN) convened a progress review meeting for the “Effectiveness of the Climate Adaptation Interventions in East Africa” project. Funding organizations, the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), joined ARIN to discuss the project’s ongoing efforts to evaluate and improve climate adaptation strategies across East Africa comprehensively.

The project is structured in two distinct phases. Phase 1, completed, focused on establishing a strong research foundation. A thorough scoping exercise and evidence synthesis gathered data on existing adaptation interventions. Building on this data, researchers created a detailed matrix mapping the various adaptation strategies currently being implemented in the region. A regional workshop facilitated knowledge sharing and collaboration, while also identifying gaps and challenges in current adaptation efforts.

Preparations for Phase 2 are well underway. This phase will involve a deep dive analysis of selected case studies. Focused group discussions will engage directly with community members and stakeholders involved in adaptation projects. Complementing these discussions, key informant interviews with experts and leaders will gather in-depth qualitative data on the interventions’ effectiveness. To guide this analysis, ARIN has developed an inception report for Phase 2, outlining the research methodology and key objectives.

The project is generating considerable interest, especially in Kenya and Uganda, due to its potential for significant impact. Dr. Joanes Atela, ARIN’s Executive Director highlighted that the project’s success in these countries paves the way for potential future scaling-up to cover other regions across Africa. ARIN’s findings are expected to be of great value to policymakers, practitioners, and stakeholders working on climate adaptation across the continent.

The effectiveness of climate adaptation interventions is critical for East Africa, a region highly vulnerable to climate change impacts. This project aims to provide actionable insights and evidence-based recommendations to reinforce the resilience of communities and ecosystems across the region.

As ARIN prepares to embark on Phase 2, continued collaboration with FCDO and PwC remains paramount. Finalizing preparations for focused group discussions and key informant interviews will be a key next step, ensuring a comprehensive and participatory approach to evaluating climate adaptation effectiveness. Additionally, the continued engagement and support from regional stakeholders, including governmental and non-governmental organizations, are essential for the successful implementation and scaling up of effective climate adaptation strategies.

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