Our Team

Dr. Antoine Faye (PhD)

Dr. Antoine Faye is the focal point for Francophone. He is an Independent Consultant with tested expertise in Public Policy Analysis while specializing in Climate Change Economics. At mid-career as […]

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Erick Omwandho Opiyo

Erick Omwandho Opiyo, is an IT. Specialist at ARIN. He oversees the organization information systems and participates in proposal planning, design and development of project-based research systems. He has over […]

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Chidiebere Ofoegbu

Chidiebere Ofoegbu is a forest and environmental scientist with interest in the socioecological aspect of nature, ecosystems services and biodiversity management. He is enthusiastic about the linkages between science and […]

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Volunteers 2014-2015

  • Elisa Noël
  • Alessandra Rossetti
  • Mark Hopkins
  • Nándor Hegyesi
  • Tristan Thomsen
  • David Guzman
  • Raphael Gruber
  • Zoé Girard
  • Ellen Verstraete
  • Aaron Durey
  • Lucas De Wilde
  • 女 司马