Alvin LONTUM is a Research Assistant at eBASE Africa. He is a dynamic early career researcher specializing in Economics, Data, Research Translation and Online Search. Since joining eBASE Africa in 2019, he has served in different roles in many projects, thus making him a useful team player. Alvin is quite passionate about the improvement of livelihoods and more concerned about disadvantaged groups like differently abled persons, women and indigenous peoples.

Alvin Lontum has made significant contributions to various projects. He was instrumental in the intervention that contextualized the UK teaching and learning toolkit for countries within the lake Chad basin. In the midst of COVID-19 and the political tensions in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon, he was at the center of fighting the prevalence of sexual and Gender-based Violence. He served as a data analyst for the project aimed empowering families with differently abled children. Within these years, he is always available to assist his peers in skill building, transcription, organization of focus group discussions and building of questions for the backend for mobile data collection apps.

His availability and eagerness to learn, ability to communicate while paying attention to details permitted him to co-author several publications and blogs.