Charles Tonui

Charles Tonui is a fellow at ARIN. He is also a research fellow at the African technology studies. As a researcher, Tonui supports action research, resource mobilization, and project management in projects under the Climate Resilience Economies program; co-convening of African Sustainability Dialogues under the African Sustainability Hub and engaging in policy impacts discussion under the Africa Research and Impact Network (ARIN).

He actively participates in sustainability and policy discussions at a local, national, regional, and international level that aim to create awareness, enhance capacity and try to shape evidence-based policies towards building climate-resilient and sustainable economies in Africa.

He has a passion to share new knowledge, Tonui has co-authored several articles on climate change, green infrastructure, energy water, transportation, and agriculture-related topics. Tonui Uses research outputs to inform the UNFCCC Conference of Parties (COPs), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and other international high-level policy discussions and negotiations on climate change, disaster management, urban development, and agriculture and food security through co-convening of side-events.

He has a BSc Degree in Environmental Science from Egerton University and a Masters degree in Environmental Planning and Management from Kenyatta University.