Daniel Atewin Amoshie

Daniel Amoshie is a budding Electrical Engineer at Ashesi University driven by a passion for electronics and machines and using that to innovate the Agricultural sector. Daniel is an ARIN Fellow. He developed a cocoa pod-breaking machine (cocoa: source of chocolate) with his engineering skills to help mechanize cocoa farming, improve productivity, and reduce cocoa child labor. The machine breaks and opens the pod and then separates the cocoa beans from the husk, a task that is manually operated and accident-prone.

He is currently working on an Automated Black Soldier Fly farming. Black Soldier flies are harmless flies with four stages (Egg, Larvae, Pupae, and Fly) that convert organic waste to their body mass and frass fertilizer. They are used as feed for chickens, fish, and pigs. The project makes value from the 1/3 of global food waste that ends up in landfills contributing to 10% global warming and, simultaneously, reducing the high cost of feed and fertilizer for farmers. He looks forward to pursuing a master’s in climate science. Daniel holds some research publications in IEEE, IST-Africa, and journal publications in Ashesi SEED Journal.

He is endowed with Design Thinking ability and Scientific Research experience, as well as proficient in Computer-Aided Design (SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, MATLAB). Team player, integrity, and excellence are his three fundamental guiding principles.