Dr. Mary Nantongo

Dr. Mary Nantongo is a lecturer at the Department of Economics, Makerere University Business School. She is a postdoctoral fellow on the ‘Capacity Building for Socially Just and Sustainable Energy Transitions’ project, where her research focuses on asset and resource stranding as a consequence of the transition to a low carbon economy in Uganda. Mary is also a certified expert in Applied Development Finance by the European Investment Bank and Global Development Network as well as a certified expert in Financing Nationally Determined Contributions of the Paris Climate Agreement by the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. She is also a member of the Network for Impact Evaluation Researchers in Africa. For this year, 2022, Mary is a member of the scientific committee for the organization of the annual conference on renewable energy organized by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, Uganda. Mary holds a PhD in Development and Environment Studies (Institutional Economics) and an MSc. in Development and Natural Resource Economics from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Her research interests revolve around the analysis of social, economic and environmental impacts of climate change, as well as evaluations of policies, programs and investments in the fields of environment and climate and the interactions and interdependencies between these and the broad sectors of agriculture, energy and natural resources.