Erick Omwandho Opiyo

Erick Omwandho Opiyo, is an IT. Specialist at ARIN. He oversees the organization information systems and participates in proposal planning, design and development of project-based research systems.

He has over 13 years experience in Geoinformatics and System Development. He worked for 5 years as a GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist at ICRAF where he oversaw the development of several research project based tools like the “Africa Tree Species Finder” funded by IUCN among others and later on as consultant for UN-Habitat GLTN project where he was instrumental in the development of the first stable release version pubic version of STDM, he trained users in Africa, Asia and South America, he also worked as consultant for Cadasta Foundation as developer in Washington DC, USA.

Erick has overseen deployment of several products dealing with AI and ML as C.T.O of 8teq Solutions and Deputy Director of AI at Lima Tech Data. Erick has led the development of several mobile solutions and systems dealing with Science, Technology Indicators (STI) Dashboard at Kelop Software Solutions for various clients as a senior product consultant.

Erick holds BSc. Geomatic Engineering, MSc. GIS and Remote Sensing both from JKUAT and MSc. Software Engineering from University of Liverpool, he is currently a PhD candidate at University of Bonn, Germany.