Florence Onyango

Florence Onyango is the Communications Manager at ARIN. She is a highly skilled professional in the field of communications, specializing in climate change and sustainability. Florence obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Moi University. She further enhanced her knowledge and skills by completing a Postgraduate Diploma from McGrath in Australia and a Diploma in Public Relations from the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Currently, she is pursuing a Master of Climate Change Adaptation from the University of Nairobi, focusing on climate and finance.
She previously served in Communications at Nation Media Group, where she successfully oversaw the development and implementation of communication strategies across various channels. Furthermore, Florence excelled as the Vice President of Communications at the United Nations Environment Programme’s Ecosystems Based Adaptation for Food Security Assembly. In this role, she played a pivotal role in designing and executing a comprehensive communications plan to support the organization’s mission. Florence was instrumental in the establishment of the UNEP’s Ecosystem Based Adaptation for Food Security Assembly Kenya Chapter, leaving a lasting impact on sustainable food security initiatives.

In addition to her extensive experience in communications, Florence is highly regarded as a thought leader in the field of climate change and sustainability. She has authored and published numerous opinion pieces, leveraging her profound knowledge and expertise to provide valuable insights and analytical perspectives.