Gilles Florent Etonam MONSIN

Gilles Florent Etonam MONSIN is a dynamic biologist, passionate about sustainable development, he specialized in organic farming in order to overcome the problem of soil degradation due to chemical fertilizers. He worked with the Center for Studies and Training in Agroecology – CEFA for the creation of an organic fertilizer production unit, he also carried out a study on the design of a document used to set up school fields. farmers to train farmers on soil conservation and restoration.

Junior expert in the restoration of ecosystems, Gilles contributed to the establishment of a safeguard system and the protection of a classified forest located in the south-west of Togo through awareness-raising and training sessions for the residents of the forest on improved stoves and renewable energies.

Activist for climate action, he followed a capacity building training on climate justice during the summer school in Nairobi finally to serve well the local communities of his country on climate change issues and measures. prevention and adaptation. This explains its presence at COP 27 in Sharm El Sheik to plead with decision-makers for the granting of the adaptation fund to populations vulnerable to the effects of climate change.