Leah Aoko

Leah Aoko is a Research Associate at ARIN. Leah has a background in law and policy development. Her passion lies in exploring the intricate interplay between science and policy, recognizing their inherent complementarity and the immense potential they hold for strengthening resilience and adaptation efforts within vulnerable communities.

As an invaluable member of ARIN, Leah has actively engaged in various projects as a law and policy consultant, diligently bridging the gap between scientific endeavors and policy implementation. Noteworthy endeavors include her involvement in the Adaptation Research Alliance project on locally led adaptation, specifically the illustrative case study conducted in Mukuru, Nairobi. Additionally, she has been actively participating in the ongoing Nairobi Risk Hub’s Tomorrow Cities Project, which focuses on mitigating disaster risks in urban settings. Furthermore, Leah has successfully completed the prestigious NDC Fellowship program on Climate Financing in Africa, organized jointly by the Frankfurt School of Business and ARIN. She has contributed significantly to the knowledge translation project aimed at addressing equity in COVID-19 recovery efforts in East Africa.

In recognition of her outstanding achievements, Leah Aoko was honored with the esteemed Spirit of Stetson award in International Environmental Law from Stetson Law University in 2018. Following this accolade, she was granted the prestigious Dean’s Scholarship to pursue her Masters in Law (LLM) at the University of Nairobi in 2019. Leah is fluent in English and Kiswahili, and possesses a working knowledge of basic French.