Onyekachi Nwafor

Onyekachi Nwafor is a professional in the field of renewable energy and energy transition, with a strong passion for sustainability and driving the transition towards a low-carbon economy. With a wealth of experience in various aspects of the industry, including electrification, energy storage, and renewable energy projects, Onyekachi has developed a broad perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing the renewable energy sector.

Currently serving as the Managing Director at KatexPower, a renewable energy company, Onyekachi has honed his expertise in designing and implementing solar PV systems. His work focuses on delivering clean, affordable, and sustainable energy solutions to off-grid and underserved homes, communities, and businesses. Notably, Onyekachi has fostered robust partnerships and collaborations with key stakeholders, including government agencies, industry players, and local communities, in order to create a supportive ecosystem for clean energy initiatives.

In addition to his role at KatexPower, Onyekachi holds the position of Membership Manager representing Western Africa at the Global Waste Cleaning Network-GWCN, a prominent international non-profit organization dedicated to environmental conservation and green energy. Here, Onyekachi successfully mobilizes and manages membership organizations within the Western Africa region, advocating for the reduction of environmental pollution. He implements evidence-based programs to address pollution in oceans, coastlines, lands, and the atmosphere, effectively generating tangible impacts on society.

Prior to his current positions, Onyekachi served as a Research and Development Associate at Source Advisory Services, a prestigious energy consulting firm specializing in financial, economic, and market research advisory solutions within the energy and environment sectors. In this capacity, he meticulously analyzed substantial data sets, generating insightful reports and articles on energy generation, conservation, and economics. Onyekachi also coordinated extensive market research and survey reports, contributing to business development initiatives and furthering energy conservation mechanisms within Nigerian buildings.

Onyekachi has his educational background in Electrical Engineering as well as Green Energy and Climate Finance. Committed to continual professional development, he has actively participated in various training programs and workshops focused on energy transition, renewable energy, and sustainability. Notably, Onyekachi has been recognized as a certified Energy Transformation Expert by the Renewable Academy (RENAC), Germany. He is also a Fellow at the Africa Fellowship for Young Energy Leaders, affirming his dedication to advancing energy leadership in the continent. Furthermore, Onyekachi has contributed to the development and review of various publications, including the “Engineering Ethics Toolkit” for the Engineering Professor Council (UK). This project exemplifies his commitment to promoting ethical practices within the engineering field and his dedication to professional development.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Onyekachi enjoys observing nature, travelling, and playing football. He has also dedicated his time to volunteering, serving as the Director for the Clean and Affordable Energy Committee at YSDC 2022, supported water irrigation project at Community Development Service, Kenya as a UN Volunteer, and contributed to mapping environmental organizations for the Association for Community Awareness (ASCOA).