Sammy Jamar

Jamar is a mechanical engineer by profession currently working at CLASP as a research fellow in clean energy access. His primary responsibilities involve conducting research and performing data analysis, with a particular focus on addressing the efficiency and impact of off-grid appliances.

He has greatly contributed to the organization’s projects by utilizing his skills in research and writing, data collection, synthesis and analysis. He successfully oversaw the data analysis of the Off-Grid Cold Chain Challenge, a competition that aimed to catalyze the off-grid cooling market by supporting innovative business models. His skills have been effective in developing a market sizing tool for the productive use of energy appliances. He is highly passionate about accelerating the transition to renewable energy by utilizing research and data analysis to inform and shape effective policy formulations.

Jamar holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Alexandria University in Egypt. In his leisure time, he enjoys watching documentaries, reading books, and actively participating in the Men’s Book Breakfast.