Washington Kanyangi

Washington Kanyangi is a Research Associate at ARIN. Washington is specializing in Climate Justice, Disaster Risk Reduction, and Environmental Sustainability. With a solid foundation in Disaster Management and International Diplomacy, Washington continually seeks to expand his knowledge base, further enhancing his capacity to address pressing global challenges. He has augmented his wealth of expertise through the completion of various professional courses, including Nature-Based Solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience, Global Diplomacy in the Modern World, and International Women’s Health and Human Rights.

Presently, Washington plays a pivotal role in providing technical support for the Tomorrow’s Cities Project, a groundbreaking initiative. Additionally, he actively contributes to the implementation of the Accelerating Climate Adaptation via Meso-level Initiative project at ARIN, where his expertise is invaluable. Prior to his current roles, Washington successfully completed an in-depth study on the Political Economy Analysis of Air Quality in Nairobi, shedding light on crucial factors shaping the region’s environmental landscape.