The Climate Finance and Sustainability (CFS) Centre is one of the first Southern-Driven Centres of Excellence, aimed at enhancing climate finance and sustainability training in Africa.

The CFS Centre exists to close the capacity and policy gaps through the three – pronged model below:

  • Expand access to high quality climate finance and sustainability training yo Africans who would have otherwise not had access to it, given the high cost of international/ German education.
  • Facilitate Africa-led and contextualized research, exchange, learning and sharing ideas across the African continent.
  • Influence policy making on climate finance and sustainability across the continent through engaging with and providing policy makers with contextualized evidence through research undertaken by African researchers.

The centre provides trainings and capacity support for researchers, policy makers, practitioners and private sector on issues of climate finance and sustainability. Hosted at the Makerere University Business School (MUBS) in Kampala, Uganda, the CFS centre is a partnership between MUBS, the Africa Research and Impact Network (ARIN), in Nairobi Kenya and the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in Frankfurt Germany.

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