Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECS)

The aim of MECS project is to catalyse the transformation of clean cooking through technological, institutional and market innovations that enable long-term use of MECS to generate inclusive environmental and development benefits for the poor. ACTS will specifically work with partner organisations in the East, West and Southern Africa region to pursue MECS transformations through multidisciplinary research evidence and policy options as a tool for convening various stakeholders and facilitating effective policies and business frameworks for MECS. This transformation will cover two areas; namely research and knowledge production as well as impact on the policy and industry landscape and the following objectives will be pursued. ACTS will pursue these objectives through two phases. Phase one will cover a duration of two years (2019-2020) whereas phase two will cover three years (2021-2023) and will build on findings and lessons learnt in phase one.

Project Outputs;

• 3-5 research reports

• 4 published papers based on the results of the studies conducted

• A minimum of 2 briefing notes for stakeholders based on the results of the studies conducted

• Cooking diaries 3

Project outcomes;

• Policy documents

• Increased and sustained entrepreneurship in MECS

• Increased awareness of MECS by the general public, stakeholders

• Increased stakeholder interaction

Project Documents

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