Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC)Explorer

To map, visualize and analyse the design of countries’ NDCs under the Paris Agreement


• Pauw, P., Mbeva, K. L., & van Asselt, H. (2019). Subtle differentiation of countries’ responsibilities under the Paris Agreement. Palgrave Communications 5 (86): 1-7 • Pauw, W. P., Klein, R. J . T., Mbeva, K. L, Dzebo, A., Cassanmagnago, D. and Rudolf, A. (2018). Beyond headline mitigation numbers: we need more transparent and comparable NDCs to achieve the Paris Agreement on climate change. Climatic Change 147 (1-2): 23-29 • Pauw, P., Mbeva, K. L. (2016). Online INDC Content Explorer, available at NDC Explorer Overview video:


• Use of NDC Explorer by numerous actors

• High citation of publications

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