Developing the East African Regional STI Indicators and Web- Based Electronic Database

Project Summary

The development of the web-based STI indicators was based on a framework adapted from the study on assessing STI Metrics in Africa supported by the FCDO through the East Africa Hub. The framework allowed for the categorization of indicators into input,
outputs, impact, linkages, and outcomes – basically providing a holistic frame within which different cadre of stakeholders aligned to different indicator categories can be engaged to better assess the quality of indicators their relationships within the overall STI system. The study also involved the creation of a data-collection system that can support the periodic generation of data to feed into the database.

Overall, the EAC’s web-based STI indicator database provides a strategic step towards moving the STI agenda to the next level. For a long time, countries have been stuck in developing STI policies with little understanding on how to move the policies forward, assess actions and make informed decisions and investments. The web-based data is an opportunity for the EAC to step into a more action-oriented STI pursuit.

Project Objective

The study aimed to strengthen the STI indicators data system and enhance the ability of the EAC countries to engage with this data in the decisions as well as in their learnings towards creating a more integrated STI landscape in the region. The study was commissioned by the East African Science Technology Commission (EASTECO) and implemented by the Africa Research and Impact Network (ARIN).

Expected output

  1. Web-based  STI indicators
  2. Reports


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