The Africa Research and Impact Network, would like to say thank you for your participation in its first virtual inaugural International conference titled ‘Africa in the Post-COVID-19 World: Lessons for Research and Policy’ that was held on 18th – 20th November 2020. The conference focused on lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic that could inform practice, policy, and research to help the African continent build resilience towards its Agenda 2063 aspirations and sustainable development.

The aim of the conference was to bring together diverse stakeholders in academia, policy,and government to deliberate on Africa’s experiences of COVID-19 and the research and policy lessons drawable for the future. The conference explored the following themes:

Day 1: Climate and natural resource Dependent Societies and COVID-19
Day 2: Cities and COVID-19
Day 3: Science Technology Policy and COVID-19

Conference knowledge Outputs;

  • Blog
  • Conference Technical Report No.004
  • Conference Booklet
  • Technical report No.001 on Cities of the Future: Pathways to a Resilient African City Beyond COVID-19: Insights from the Preparatory Seminar series towards the 2020 ARIN International Conference ‘Africa in the Post-COVID-19 World: Lessons for Research and Policy
  • Technical Report No.002 on “Harnessing the Application of Science Technology and Innovation in the fight against COVID-19: Lessons for Science and Policy”. Insighs from the ARIN Preparatory Seminar Series.
  • Technical report No.003 on “Low-carbon Development and Climate Resilience in the Post-COVID World: Lessons for Research and Policy”. Insighs from the ARIN Prepatatory Seminar Series.
  • Technical Report No.005 on “Gender Lens in Disaster Risk Reduction in the context of COVID-19”. Insights from the ARIN International Conference Side Event.
  • Working paper
  • Policy brief
  • Research Brief
  • Documentaries

Conference Side Events

Day 1: Gender Lens in Disaster Risk Reduction in the context of COVID-19. Learn more

Day 2: The status of research collaborations and partnerships beyond COVID-19.  Learn more

Day 3: Impact of STI Indicators in Policy making and Uptake. Learn More

For more information on the Conference Panellists, Facilitators, Discussants, Authors and the Program;  Click here