Consultative Workshop on Integrating CityRap Tool into Disaster Response and Planning in Nairobi

The Nairobi Risk Hub on Thursday 16th of July 2020 participated in a workshop on the City Resilience Action Plan (CityRAP) tool that was facilitated by the UN-Habitat. The workshop which is part of the Nairobi Risk Hub and UNHabitat collaboration efforts was meant to introduce the CityRAP tool to the Nairobi Tomorrow’s Cities project partners as well as identify opportunities to integrate the tool into the overall Hub’s work. The workshop brought
together the Tomorrow’s Cities’ partners from the UK and Kenya with representation from the Nairobi Risk Hub, Kings College London, Kounkuey Design Initiative, University of Nairobi and a number of facilitators from UNHabitat..

The CityRAP tool is used for training city managers, municipal technicians, communities and other stakeholders to understand and plan actions aimed at reducing risk and building resilience through development of a Resilience
Framework for Action. This ensures that local governments and urban stakeholders are in the driver’s seat of urban resilience planning which further translates to capacity building, retention and use. This is in line with the mission of the Hub which is to support transition from emergency response to disaster risk preparedness in Nairobi. This is geared towards achieving sustainable development and resilience in Nairobiyakesho.

Going forward, UN-Habitat will facilitate customized training of Hub researchers on applicability of CityRAP to compliment ongoing plans for Mukuru SPA as well as integrate the tool into the Nairobi Multi Hazard Urban Disaster Risks Transitions’ Project.


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