Multicriteria Mapping (MCM) Workshop

The 2 days workshop was held on the 26th and 27th August, 2019 at Machakos county, Kenya. The workshop was jointly organised by the University of Sussex (Science Policy Research Unit, SPRU), African Centre for Technology Studies (Africa Sustainability Hub) and the STEPS Centre (at SPRU and the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex). The purpose of the workshop was to map ‘pathways out of poverty’, by focusing on multiple dimensions of well-being. It was part of the research project, Relational Pathways: Mapping Agency and Poverty Dynamics through Green Revolutions ( The research project had involved field work in Machakos County, Kenya, documenting life histories with small farmers and rural workers on their experience of agrarian transformations through the green-revolution.

The discussions encompass the multiplicity of participants’ knowledge and values, manifesting in their appraisals of diverse pathways out of rural poverty. The aim was not to find a ready consensus but rather to give equal attention to contrasting perspectives and values. Thus, key disagreements about why some pathways are favoured over others, are as important as seeking a common ground for policy-making. This was achieved through an interactive appraisal method known as The Multicriteria Mapping (MCM, )

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