This report provides the key highlights and achievements realised by the Africa Research & Impact Network (ARIN) during the year 2022. The report highlights some of the project activities implemented across the various ARIN thematic topics, climate change, disaster risk reduction, energy governance, science technology and innovations, among others.

The report further outlines some of the impactful convenings and engagements that the network steered, including new evidence forums established to support more coordinated and consolidated evidence into policy spaces. Additionally, the report lists some of the key publications covering empirical and theoretical aspects touching on various topical issues that are critical for Africa’s transition towards just and sustainable development. The report concludes by providing some reflections and lessons learnt over the year 2022, and how these lessons inform ARIN’s strategic focus in the year 2023.


ARIN ANNUAL REPORT 2022_Consolidating Research Evidence for Impact

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