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Inclusive Low Emission Development (ILED)

The main objective of the ILED project was to support the inclusive development of a portfolio of scalable low-emission development dairy interventions that account for the diversity of practices, development pathways and interests in the dairy sector in Kenya and Tanzania. This included through i) assessing the institutional conditions enabling or constraining the design and implementation of inclusive low emission dairy development (ILEDD); ii) integrate area-specific public-private configurations to drive ILEDD; and iii) facilitate inclusive partnerships in the fine-tuning and adaptation of LED-interventions.

Project output;

Working paper on Low emission development pathways for the dairy sector in East Africa Review paper on Institutional & Policy Coherence for Inclusive LED in the Dairy Sector in Kenya.

Project outcomes;

This research project identifies and analyses institutional conditions for scaling low-emission development dairy interventions in an inclusive manner.

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