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Techno-Policy Landscape Of Kenya Workshop

This virtual policy discussion was organized by African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS), Africa Research and Impact Network (ARIN) in conjunction with the MECS team on 9th June 2020 via zoom. The aim of this discussion was to deliberate on and provide a foundational assessment of the current technological and policy situation in Kenya and to inform options for strengthening transition to Modern Energy Cooking services. 

The specific objectives were to (1) Map and understand the current energy policy situation in Kenya and how MECs was integrated in the policy processes, narratives and opportunities for visibility; (2) Document current technologies around MECs in Kenya and how they had evolved over time, the extent of their adoption and factors constraining their development and diffusion; and (3) To highlight the nexus between MECS technological systems and policy systems and identify pathways for catalyzing transition to MECS.

The virtual discussion brought together 26 participants including; the MECS challenge fund winners, MECS team and partners, other stakeholders from government, academia, civil society, and small businesses relevant to MECS.

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