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The Governance Of Sociotechnical Transformations (GoST) Workshop

The Governance of Sociotechnical Transformations (GoST) project policy dialogue was held on 9th October 2019 at Tribe- Trademark Hotel, Gigiri, Nairobi.

The purpose of the policy dialogue was to stimulate critical discussion among a group of experts representing diverse perspectives on imaginaries of ‘Transformations to Sustainability’ unfolding globally in energy, agricultural and urban sectors.

The discussions were guided by an approach based around ideas of ‘sociotechnical imaginaries’ and ‘pathways to sustainability’. This was with an aim of building better understanding of the complex, uncertain and contested features of these political transformations. In Kenya, the main focus will be on developments and debates around the ‘Nuclear Power and Energy Agency’ (NuPEA), the ‘Agriculture Sector Transformation and Growth Strategy’ (ASTGS), and the ‘Konza Technopolis’.

The dialogue brought together 50 participants among them representatives from academia, researcher, private sector, non-governmental organisation, national government and civil society.

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