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The ARIN Interim Advisory Board

The Interim Advisory Board is made up of the regional focal points drawn from the four African regions. The board  provides support and advice to academic and research programs, assist in the development of new programs, and identify best-practice standards. They serve as ambassadors of the Network, providing a connection to and ongoing exchange of information and ideas with members of a broader society. The board members also engage in periodic intellectual discussions on the future of Africa’s research and impact pathways.

The ARIN Interim Advisory Board

Dr. Joanes Atela (PhD)


Dr. Joanes Atela is the Convenor of the Africa Research and Impact Network He is also a Senior Research Fellow and Head of CRE( Climate Resilient Economies Programme)at the African…

Kennedy Mbeva

CO - Convenor

Kennedy Mbeva is the Secretary to the Advisory Committee, CO-Convernor of  the  African Research and  Impact Network(ARIN). He is currently a Research Associate at the African Centre for Technology Studies…

Prof. Felix Kanungwe Kalaba

Regional Focal Point – South Africa

Prof. Felix is the chair of the ARIN Advisory Board and the Focal Point for the Southern Africa region. He is an Associate Professor of Environment and Development at the…

Reuben Makomere

Attorney-The Africa Research and Impact Network

Dr. Reuben Makomere LL.B (Hons) P.G.D Law (KSL)  is a legal adviser at ARIN and a doctoral researcher at the University of Tasmania, Faculty of Law. His current research is…

Dr. Keziah Mwang’a (PhD)

East Africa Focal Point

Dr. Keziah Mwang’a is  the  focal point  for the East African Region. She is an urban development specialist with over five years global work experience in development and applied research.…

Dr Albert Arhin (PhD)

Regional Focal Point- West Africa

Dr. Albert Arhin is the focal point of the West African region.  He is also a research fellow with the bureau of integrated Rural Development (BIRD) of the Kwame Nkrumah…

Dr. Robert Ochieng (PhD)

Regional Focal Point – East Africa

Dr. Robert Ochieng is the focal point  for the East African Region. He has over ten years’ work, research and consulting experience in the areas of climate change, renewable energy,…

Matthew Gmalifo Mabefam

Regional Focal Point – Diaspora

Matthew Mabefam is  the focal point for Diaspora. He is a critical Development Studies scholar, teacher, and researcher. He is currently a Sessional Academic at the School of Social and…

Dr. Antoine Faye(PhD)

Francophone Focal Point

Dr. Antoine Faye is the focal point for Francophone. He is an Independent Consultant with tested expertise in Public Policy Analysis while specializing in Climate Change Economics. At mid-career as…